Trading signals


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Trading Signals

What is a signal?

It's a forecast (comes in the form of a WhatsApp message) sent to you as a customer, announcing what the signals provider at JKMT believes will happen to the markets that you'll be trading on. In other words, you copy what the signals provider does, literally following the instructions sent by JKMT to profit. Tutorials on how to follow our unique signals are provided when a customer begins their free trial. These can be revisited as they are videos the customer can keep on how to follow our signals step by step.

At JKMT, we like to utilise the best available platforms to ensure all students have the greatest opportunity to excel within the markets.

Signals are sent out between monday-thursday 8pm UK time (may vary depending on public holidays etc)

We provide our customers with a 4 week free trial to test our signals using a minimum balance of £250.00. Customers can invest any amount from their balance per trade. This gives customers the freedom to risk amounts they are comfortable with. 

signals are sent at 8pm UK time Monday to Thursday.

After the free trial, customers given the opportunity to continue using our service for a set monthly subscription fee depending on what service they want.

Trading signals are a means of building your balance until you can afford to transition to purchasing our trading courses.

A strong source of income can be achieved with relatively large trading balances starting at £5000.00 following our signals.

However the worst risk you can take when it comes to making money is by not taking any risks at all, that's why customers have the luxury of being able to invest a minimum of £250.00 to get started with following our quality signals at JKMT.

The following is an example of how our trading signals session are done LIVE: 

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