We deeply believe that success in this field comes from providing first class, proactive services for clients. With our wide range of investment expertise and diverse market knowledge, we're here to help you take control of your financial life and maximize your returns. Together, we can explore the financial strategies that best fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Established in 2017, we have been continuing to grow internationally due to our approach to dealing with individuals. Teaching clients how to trade (The Business) 

Then going onto teaching them how to own a business within the trading industry. 

Meet some of the team who have rose up the ranks within this prestigious industry, all starting off as clients to now Independent Business Owners.


We recognize the potential in each one of our partners as well as clients. With a customizable approach, we have seen our company branch out to different areas across the globe in the space of a year since establishing in 2017. Our results are a testament that our system works. Not only this, but our clients are living testimonies.


""Apprenticeship programme has been mind blowing! JKMT are "Teaching people how to fish, so the can eat for a lifetime"

- M. Miah

"With all the competition out there, thirsty companies scavenging to get you to invest into their service, I approached the members at JKMT as i noticed they had a very exclusive approach to what they do. I have not regretted that decision since."

- N. Reynolds

"Before joining JKMT I was a bit skeptical with the companies out there as I heard many that were dodgy and didn't care about their customers. However, I took a plunge and decided to do the apprenticeship course with JKMT as I heard many good reviews about it and without a doubt it has been absolutely amazing. 

The teaching at JKMT is realistic and easy to understand, with one-on-one sessions and group sessions where you are taught how to trade live in the markets learning multiple strategies and ways of managing your money. It is all realistic and the strategies are amazing. 

The service is great as it fits the schedule that you can do, not just set sessions but flexible sessions catered to your personal timetable. 

Before joining I took a trial with the signals sessions and they all done very well so I decided to find out how JKMT does it and I have never looked back, amazing! 

Would definitely recommend to anyone out there willing to try it out!

- M. Sufiyan

"I started trading with JKMT after the recommendations from my friends from work who had been seeming to make money using their help. I must admit i was quite skeptical at the start but their results definitely speak for themselves!"

- R. Villanova

"My knowledge in business & finance has greatly increased due to the experience gained with JKMT. i'd highly recommend to any who is looking to change their financial situation."

- S. Millington

"I've recommended JKMT to a few of my colleagues from work in the past, fingers crossed we'll be handing in our notice together soon and be sitting at the front rows of events along with the rest of the team!"

- T. Suarez